Environmental Policy

TOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO., LTD. stipulates the following Environmental Principle and Action Guidelines as the Environmental Policy governing its continuous environmental conservation and improvement activities and makes the Policy available to the public, to pass on a clean earth for future generations.

Environmental Principle

TOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO., LTD. recognizes that one of its top managerial priorities is to preserve the sound global environment and coexist with it harmoniously through all of its business operations based on the development and manufacturing technologies of labels, magnetic and IC card media, industrial materials and information devices. All employees of the company are committed to reducing environmental impacts and conserving the environment.

Activity Guidelines

  1. We operate an environmental management system in compliance with the ISO14001 standard and promote environmental management.
  2. We identifying the environmental impacts of our operations accurately, establish, implement and review environmental objectives for improvement on a continuous basis and endeavor to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impacts.
  3. We carry out environment-conscious operations in compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations and other agreed-upon requirements.
  4. We promote the prevention of (air and water) pollution and noise, resource conservation and recycling, energy conservation and proper management and reduction of waste materials.
  5. We aspire to designs that consider the reduction of environmental impacts from the development of a product, and properly manage chemical substances based on the Toppan Group CSR Procurement Guidelines.
  6. We ensure all employees of the organization are thoroughly aware of this Environmental Policy through electronic information and posters to ensure concerted efforts toward improvement.
April 1,2019
Ryuji Wakiyama
Executive Officer