Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, as a Toppan Group company, declare that the protection of personal information is an important managerial task that concerns the social responsibility of a corporation to maintain the rights of individuals and ensure the trust of customers, and thus we will have all Company divisions thoroughly comply with it.
1. Respecting the dignity of individuals and complying with laws, regulations, national guidelines, and other social codes and orders related to personal information, we will make efforts to protect personal information in line with every kind of rules and regulations of Toppan Printing and the Company. 
2. We will collect, use and provide personal information in a just and appropriate manner by taking into consideration the business contents and scale of the Company, and we will take adequate measures not to use the information for any unintended purposes. 
3. We will take all legal and reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and other accidents with personal information that we handle, and we will respond to and rectify any arising issues in an appropriate and prompt manner. 
4. Providing a point of contact regarding personal information that we handle, we will respond to any complaints and requests for consultation appropriately, sincerely and without delay, when they are filed by the person concerned regarding their personal information.
5. We have built and operate a system for the protection of personal information, and we will improve it continuously. 

Established on May 1, 2005
Revised on April 1, 2020
Sumio Ezaki
Chairman&Representative Director
Toppan Infomedia Co., Ltd.

Purposes of Use and other Matters to be Disclosed regarding Personal Information

1. About the purposes of using personal information

When the Company is entrusted by a business partner with business involving the handling of personal information, or the Company collects personal information on its own, the Company will identify the following purposes of use, and will use the information within the scope of said purposes. If the Company needs to handle personal information beyond the scope of the identified purposes of use, the Company will make sure to (i) follow the instructions of the business partner regarding the personal information entrusted by it, or (ii) obtain the consent of the person concerned regarding their personal information that the Company has collected. 
(1) Purposes of using personal information that the Company handles as entrusted by a business partner
•1) Printing processing of data entrusted by the business partner on forms, cards, etc.
•2) Form processing (including cutting, sealing, enclosing, sealing of envelopes, embossing, and encoding) on forms, cards, etc. on which data are printed
•3) Processing of deliverables and postal matter (including sorting and picking of deliverables and postal matter, and sending to the post office)
•4) Information processing (including data entry, data processing and data management)
•5) Any entrusted business incidental or relating to any of the above items
(2) Purposes of using personal information collected by the Company
•1) To respond to inquiries, complaints, requests for consultation, etc. concerning the Company’s business
•2) To conduct campaigns, questionnaires and surveys of the Company and reflect results on every kind of service of the Company
•3) To send every kind of materials and information relating to recruitment of the Company
•4) To hire employees, provide welfare programs and manage employees of the Company

2. About third-party provision of personal information

The Company will not provide any third party with personal information that the Company handles for entrusted business without instructions from the outsourcing company. 
The Company will obtain the consent of the person concerned in advance when it is necessary to provide a third party with personal information that the Company has collected.

3. Collection of personal information by a means that the person concerned cannot perceive easily

To improve our services, the website of Toppan Infomedia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Corporate Site”) uses access analysis tools to statistically analyze the utilization trend, the visit history of the Corporate Site, and other matters. While the access analysis tools collect information on the pages visited, dates/times of visits, IP addresses, types of Web browsers, domain names and other items, the tools do not collect any information that can identify individual customers.
While the website uses cookies to collect browsing information, such collection can be denied by invalidating cookies.

4. About the scope of application

These principles apply to any business involving the handling of personal information of the Company. However, they do not apply to any business involving the handling of personal information outside the Company (e.g., websites of third parties from which the Company website is linked). 

5. Customers’ requests for disclosure, correction, and discontinuation of use of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

When inquiries are received from the person concerned for notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition/deletion of contents, discontinuation of use, erasure, or discontinuation of third-party provision (hereinafter “Disclosure”) of their personal information collected by the Company (Personal Information Subject to Disclosure), the Company will respond to them adequately and without delay by respecting their wishes. (Please note however, that as a result of correction, updating or deletion of your personal information, you may no longer be able to use all or part of any service, etc. of the Company, for which the personal information is indispensable.)

Please contact the following with any inquiries you may have about Disclosure:
[Inquiries about Personal Information]
Toppan Infomedia Co., Ltd., Personal Information Management Counter