Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Recognizing that it is a corporate social responsibility to hold great respect for the dignity of the individual and to fully comply with laws, government guidelines and other regulations related to personal information, as well as with social norms and order, we, at TOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO., LTD., define the protection of personal information as our vital management issue and communicate this policy to all divisions and departments of the Company.

  1. We shall establish our internal control rules regarding appropriate collection, use, provision and entrustment of personal information, and we will ensure the thorough implementation and continuous improvement of personal information protection measures.
  2. We will take all reasonable and appropriate safety measures in all organizational, personnel, physical and technical aspects of our operations to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, manipulation and leakage of the personal information handled by the Company.
  3. We will define the objectives of collecting personal information within the lawful scope of business of the Company and we shall obtain, use, and provide personal information in a fair and appropriate manner to the extent necessary to achieve the objectives.
  4. We will manage personal information entrusted by customers with the utmost care, so that our customers can provide their information to the Company without anxiety.
  5. We will establish an information desk to deal with inquiries about the personal information handled by the Company. If the person whom the information concerns requests disclosure, correction or deletion of personal information, we will respond to the request promptly.
  6. We will regularly conduct audits on our system and practice of the protection of personal information, and continually improve the system and practice.

Established: May 1, 2005
Revised: October 1, 2007
Yuji Sato

For inquiries on the handling of personal information, please contact the Legal Affairs Section, Legal Affairs Department, General Affairs Headquarters.

9:30-17:00, Monday through Friday (except public holidays and year-end holidays)

Notice on Purposes of Use of Personal Information

1.Purposes of Use

TOPPAN INFOMEDIA CO., LTD. shall define the purposes of use of personal information as below, both for personal information that is entrusted with us by our client companies for performing entrusted duties, and for such information that is collected independently by the Company. We will use the personal information entrusted or collected within the scope of the defined purposes. If a certain situation requires the use of personal information beyond the scope of defined purposes, we will: a) Ensure that we follow the instructions of the client company in handling the personal information they have entrusted, and b) Obtain the consent of the person whom the information concerns (the "owner of information") before we handle the personal information that we have collected.

(1)Purposes of using the personal information entrusted by client companies

  • 1)For printing of the data entrusted by the client company on forms or cards
  • 2)For form processing services, such as cutting, sealing, enclosing, sealing with letters, embossment and encoding of forms and cards on which data is printed
  • 3)For sorting and extracting dispatching and mailing items, as well as conveying the items to a post office and other related tasks
  • 4)For information processing businesses, such as data entry, data processing and data management
  • 5)For other entrusted tasks incidental and related to the businesses specified in the preceding paragraphs

(2)Purposes of use of the personal information collected by the Company

  • 1)To respond to inquiries, complaints and requests for advice, related to the business operations of the Company
  • 2)To reflect the results of sales campaigns and customer surveys conducted by the Company in customer services and other services
  • 3)To send materials and information on recruitment
  • 4)For employee recruitment, benefit programs and employee management of the Company

2.Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

The Company shall not provide the personal information it handles for performing entrusted business to any third parties, except in the case where an entrusting party gives an instruction to that effect.
When the personal information collected by the Company needs to be provided to a third party, we shall provide such information to the third party after obtaining the consent of the owner of the information.